Whenever internet issues are experienced, we tend to focus blame on our internet service provider (ISP) and not hold ourselves accountable. Providers like Comcast or CenturyLink are not always to be held solely responsible. Like other electronic devices – particularly in Florida aka the “lighting capital of the world”, our ISP’s equipment is also susceptible to being negatively affected by power problems originating in the commercial power grid. These problems include; voltage fluctuations, frequency variations, overvoltage, interruptions, transients, undervoltage and waveform distortion. However, not just your ISP’s equipment, but every electronic device in your business is affected. Proper electrical protection should be considered a requirement for every business and not just those with life support systems. If not, devices will inevitably start malfunctioning and eventually altogether fail.


To explain further, electronic devices contain a lot of important components that add up to their functionality. For example, one extremely important component is called the Capacitor. In a nutshell, the Capacitor’s job is to absorb and store a charge of electricity and return it to the circuit at a later time. Overwhelmed Capacitors that are unable to store a given amount of electrical overcharge (surge) eventually blow, being rendered completely dysfunctional. Typical surge protectors protect little to nothing as even expensive surge protectors fall short. If you already find yourself rebooting, restarting or experiencing strange occurrences with any particular device, the damage has already started.


For over 30 years Daemon Technology Solutions has been on the forefront, cost effectively protecting our customers best interests. To this day our network solutions have been implemented in dozens of businesses successfully keeping them protected and fully functional with a proven 99.9%+ uptime. We leave nothing to chance.