Based on many years of industry experience, we’ve developed an extremely robust and proactive Internet Cyber Security solution which ensures you are on the very cutting edge of Cyber Defense technology to mitigate both known Common Vulnerabilities (CVE) as well as unknown Zero Day attacks. Our solutions utilize the strongest most reliable multi-core hardware and software available in the industry.

Daemon Technology Solutions integrates multiple industry leading solutions into a complex multi-layered Cyber Security roadmap preventing “One Key To The Kingdom” vulnerabilities, lateral malicious network traffic, minimizing network attack surfaces, blocking malicious websites and utilizing digital tripwires to uncover unsuspecting bad actors.

Our powerful yet cost effective industry disrupting solutions combine to make our systems far superior to other competing solutions priced well into the thousands of dollars. This allows us to provide what is arguably the best mix of Internet Cyber Security protection available in the industry.

Our Internet Cyber Security solution includes all of the necessary hardware, software and licensing including but not limited to;

  • Fully Licensed Closed Source (Business) & Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Continually Maintained Internet Gateway Hardware, Software & Firmware
  • Extremely Cost Effective with No Long Term Contract & Flat Monthly Fee.
  • Cutting-Edge Multi-Threaded Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDS / IPS) Engines
  • Fully Automated & Customizable IP, Country And Threat Based Domain Blocking Policies
  • Multiple Threat Server Blocklists Including SPAM, Ransomware, Malware, Tracking, Privacy, Adware, Abuse, Phishing, Crypto, etc…
  • Strict Network Device Access Policies Preventing Malicious Network Access
  • Forced DNS Over HTTPS / TLS & DNSSEC Network Security Policies
  • Micro-Segmented Network Structure Support Reducing All Network Attack Surfaces
  • Fully Supported Gateway, Endpoint & Network Hardware And Software Remote Monitoring